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How to Clean a Lab Coat

Working in a hospital, research lab, or other type of medical facility means that you’re working around many germs that you want to remove from your clothing after each day at work. You definitely want to clean your META women’s lab coat properly, but exactly what does proper cleaning of a lab coat entail?

Stains happen, especially in a medical environment. When the situation gets messy, it is time to get tough and treat stains with a powerful solution as quickly as you can.  There’s a ton of products sold on store shelves that treat stains. Do a bit of research and choose one that works for your needs. Many pre-treaters for stains are perfect for use on-the-go so do consider such an option.

You need several lab coats in the closet so you can switch them out on a regular basis. Since the META lab coat is so affordable, it should be easy to add a few to your wardrobe so you can wear a different one a couple times per week to reduce dirt, dander, oils, etc. from ruining the coat so quickly.  Plus, nothing is more comforting than putting on a fresh lab coat!

Always wash your lab coats separate from the rest of the clothing. A heavy-duty detergent will work best, and be sure that hot water is used. Use the stain remover to pre-treat the stains. Choose an enzyme based stain remover for best results, leaving it sitting on the stain for about 20 minutes before tossing it into the wash.

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Once the coat comes out of the wash, check it over for stains. If you see spots or stains on the jacket, don’t throw it in the dryer as this causes those stains to set into the fabric and become almost impossible to remove. Instead, retreat them with the stain remover and rewash them.

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